Executive summary – 10 marks

(1) What forms of business ownership has the Water Street location gone through? – 30 marks

(2) Could Regency operate as a franchisor? – 30 marks

(3) As Water Street’s consultant would you recommend Smith and Pritchard take Provost’s offer? –20 marks

Grammar, presentation and level of effort (10 marks)


The first question is intended to demonstrate your knowledge of forms of business ownership.The response to this question can be derived from information in the case.  The third question requires arriving at a recommendation based on analysis.  The response to this question should consider the “unknowns” as well as the challenges in the organization approach taken by Regeny.

Minimum number of pages should be 12 pages

Maximum number of pages should be 20 pages

11 font size, Times New Roman font, simple line spacing

Executive summary should not be more than 1 pag

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