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I need help with reading questions. It requires one key point Taken from Each Assigned Reading with one page long answer. Here are a list of reading items.

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Public Key Infrastructure 05/31/2018 • 3 minutes to read • In this article Related topics Public-key cryptography (also called asymmetric-key cryptography) uses a key pair to encrypt and decrypt content. The key pair consists of one public and one private key that are mathematically related. An individual who intends to communicate securely with others can distribute the public key but must keep the private key secret. Content encrypted by using one of the keys can be decrypted by using the other. Assume, for example, that Bob wants to send a secure email message to Alice. This can be accomplished in the following manner: . Both Bob and Alice have their own key pairs. They have kept their private keys securely to themselves and have sent their public keys directly to each other. . Bob uses Alice’s public key to encrypt the message and

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