1.Complete the Leadership Self-Assessment (12-3) on pages 403 and 404 of your text.  Tell us which style reflects you.  Tell us how this could hurt you as a leader AND how this could help you as a leader.

2.There are many advantages of managing for diversity.  Tell us what you think this could be.  Also, your book talks about 5 specific advantages.  Choose one of these and tell us how, as a leader, you’d structure teams and culture to make it happen.

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Instructions Diversity • • • • Research a company that has handled diversity training and cross-cultural training well Include: a description of how the company handled these; the benefit / positive affect for the company and its employees; and what you learned from this for your leadership development Your paper should be 500 words in length and submitted following APA format. Use the Rubric for this assignment. Ba 365 wk 6 replies Question 1 1.shanteria- I scored a 8/10. That means my leadership style would be the collaborative approach. The collaborative approach is said to strive to make both parties happy in the situation, rather than only one person winning. When a problem arises, both parties should win. The relationship is saved and both parties are satisfied. A negative side to this for a leader is trying to keep everyone happy

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