MLA Test-2017
Directions: Place the following bibliographic information into standard MLA work cited entry

  1. Book:
    Birth of the Modern: World Society 1815-1830 by Paul Johnson. Published in 2013
    by Harper in New York.
  2. Book by an Editor:
    Photographer’s Market edited by Sam A. Marshall. Published in 2012 by Writer’s
    Digest in Cincinnati. Third edition.
  3. Article from a Magazine:
    Night of Horror written by George Will for Sports Illustrated on October 13, 2016.
    Article is found on page 29.
  4. Article from Scholarly Journal:
    The Adolescent Suicide Attempt: A Cardinal Symptom of a Serious Psychiatric
    Disorder by Frank E. Crumley and found in American Journal of Psychotherapy. Published in
    2013 on pages 158-65. Volume is 36 and issue is 2.
  5. Article in an Online Scholarly Journal:
    Questioning Assumptions about Students’ Expectations for Technology in College
    Classrooms by Sarah Lohnes and Charles Kinzer. The article is in the online journal Innovate,
    volume 3, issue 5 from 2012. There is no page, and it is found on the web on the access date of
    June 28, 2013. URL.
  6. Article in a Scholarly Journal accessed through a Database:
    What WE Want Students to Learn: Cultivating Playfulness and Responsibility in a
    Liberal Education by Nancy Cantor and Steven Schomberg. It is found in the journal Change,
    volume 34, issue 6 in 2015. Page numbers are 47-49. Database is Academic Search Premier, and
    web access date is December 2, 2015. URL.
  7. Magazine Article accessed through a Database:
    Shooting Britney by David Samuels, published in Atlantic Monthly in April 2016
    on pages 35-51. Database is Academic Search Premier, and web access date is June 25, 2016.
  8. Magazine Article found Online:
    Ads We Hate by Seth Stevenson, published in Slate on December 26, 2011. There
    is no page number, and the access date is January 3, 2013. URL.
  9. Newspaper Article found Online:
    Edna Parker Dies at 115; Former Teacher Was World’s Oldest Person by Elaine
    Woo and published in on November 28, 2015. Access date is December 2, 2016.
  10. Book found on Database:
    The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton, published in New York by D. Appleton
    in 1920.The database is, and the web is accessed July 5, 2017. URL.