Please review chapter 20 in your book.

Then, participate in this group discussion (for credit).

The topic is — What can we do to slow or stop global warming?

This is NOT specifically discussed in your book. But you’ve no doubt learned things in other classes, and from the news media. Plus you can use the internet to look up ideas. I recommend <>, and <>. But there are many other sources of information — but watch out for bullshit sources, because there are lots of those, too!

Choose ONE of the three topics below, and post your ideas. Please don’t just give a laundry list. Explain your one idea in depth. Give sources (a page in your book, or an outside source).

  • What can you and your family do to slow or stop global warming? Are there any side benefits to your proposed solutions? (Example: If we walk or ride our bikes more, and drive less, we’ll emit less CO2and be healthier!)
  • What can we do as a Nation, to slow or stop global warming? Are there any side benefits to your proposed solutions? (Example: If we use less oil, our foreign policy would be more rational, and we could stop kissing up to oil dictators.)
  • You’ve seen many proposed solutions — in this class discussion, in your textbook, and on the internet and news media. What proposed solutions do you think won’t work, or would be too expensive to be practical?
  • Please don’t re-post what someone else has already mentioned!

Everybody MUST participate! Please leave a well-thought-out comment. (More than one is OK!)

And please reply to someone else’s comment — your reply can be positive or negative, but please keep it polite and respectful! It’s perfectly OK to reply to a reply, or post replies to several different comments.

Please make this a real class discussion! Listen to (read) what your classmates have to say!

You may also “like” comments.

If you follow directions, you will get 10 points on this homework. If you try to do just the bare minimum, and don’t give it much thought or effort, you might get only 6 or 7 points. If you excel, and create many excellent posts / replies, then you might get an extra credit point!

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