At least 500 words, no more than 15 words from the text , Module Reports are required; they constitutes 40 % of your grade. These are short

summaries and responses to the assigned readings in each module. Your report must

show mastery of the readings. It must be coherent and it must be written in your own

words. More than 15 words taken from a source will be flagged by the system as

plagiarism. Therefore, try to always paraphrase and use your own languages to explain

the readings. While you can refer to the author, you do not need to cite. Think of it as an

answer to this question: “What have I learned from the readings this week?” Check

announcements on Canvas for information on how to improve your academic reading

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3. Read the assigned reading: *Said, The Clash of Ignorance 4. Watch the film Layla M. available on Netflix 5. Read the assigned reading: *Youssef, Review of Layla M. 6. Submit module report due on January 15 at 3:00 pm 7. Submit blog entry for discussion #1 due on January 15 at 3:00 pm 11 DDD ст U1 ܐܟܐ al 2.10 KLANG Obyoo 20 whiza Wann UZ Rolyne Monica 2.194 crve SOLARE non Crew Hampas, Swann wley arx, Tyndah 19″ ches to MIS nikes Viazu
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