Prompt 1

Theory on nursing practice serves as the foundation for reference with regards to the proper measures of providing effective nursing care. As such, nursing theory provides a unified framework for training nurses, in order to guarantee that all graduate nurses are universally qualified to practice globally (McFarland & Wehbe-Alamah, 2014). Such global qualification is necessary I this era of globalization of healthcare. Moreover, theory in nursing empowers the nurse to remain steady as the vital cog of caregiving (American Nurse Today, 2017). Such steadfastness is necessary amidst the constantly transforming healthcare sector, due to the influence of modernization. 

Prompt 2

A model of practice is significant for an advanced nursing practitioner. According to the American Nurse Today (2017), a model acts as the idea or orientation to nursing, which directs one’s activities and helps with determining what to focus on. Also, an established model acts as a platform for creating effective conceptual paradigms of practice (Nursing Practice Models). Consequently, the nurse can form effective professional relationships with colleagues, relate well with the patients, and manage to lead healthy personal lives. This is necessary to promote health, through facilitating professional cooperation between nurses and enhancing the beneficence of patient-caregiver relationships.

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