InstructionsOpinion Essay (15 marks) select a topic from the options below
Option 1: What is globalization? Is it reversible? Is it good or bad? Is it inevitable?
In this section, you are to write an essay to express your opinion on globalization.Determine your position to the following statement:

“The spread of globalization and the rise of worldwidecompanies are good for the world.”
Use the “pro vs. con” method from the class to decide your position.
Option 2: Economic Systems
Choose two of the three economic systems (Market Economy; Centrally Planned Economy; andMixed Economy), and write a comparative essay on them. In your essay, you must determineyour position to support one system over the other.
Express your opinion using the proper essay format:• Introduction – clearly state your position• Body – includes 2-3 supporting reasons for your idea• Conclusion
Clear Statement of Your Position: /2 marksRationale Provided: /4 marks
Related and Accurate Examples from the course: /4 marksSpelling/Grammar: /3 marksEssay structure: /2 marks

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