Who is the first character to suspect Beloved’s true identity?

As part of the captain’s continued treachery, he released only the fetters from Oroonoko and not from Oroonoko’s men. The captain lies and deceives Oroonoko in order to capture him as a slave. Oroonoko demonstrates honor even when confronted by the dishonor of others.

Secondly, Oroonoko maintains his code of virtue by embracing his religious beliefs; even when those who claim to be Christians personally violate him, his morals, and his people, Oroonoko remains true to his beliefs. The captain informs Oroonoko that he does not trust him to be released from his shackles because he feels that Oroonoko is a heathen since he does not believe in the same God that the captain worships. The captain gives his word to Oroonoko as a Christian and swears by the name of his great god and says that should he default on his word, he will be in everlasting torment in the next life:

Oroonoko then replied, he was very sorry to hear that the captain pretended to the knowledge and worship of any gods who had taught him no better principles than not to credit as he would be credited; but they told him the difference of their faith occasioned that distrust. (2333)

Oroonoko states that the captain errs if he believes that “he who will violate his honor will keep his word with his gods” (2333). Oroonoko declares that for a man to violate his honor, it will be “eternally offending and diseasing all mankind,” and he says, “But punishments hereafter are suffered by one’s self, and the world takes no cognizances whether this god have revenged ‘em or not, ‘tis done so secretly and deferred so long” (2333). Oroonoko uses his religious understanding and beliefs to stress to the captain that his honor is more important than the captain’s supposed Christianity.

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