Personal Statement

For the longest time in my life, I spent more than I earned and it got to a point where I began to default my debt obligations. I had been brought up in a very poor family and no one had ever taught me the essence of financial plans. I realized that my lifestyle was dangerous and I was risking my future financial stability. I began to live within my means, invest in safe yielding investments, and put away some money for my retirement. My decision taught me that people can easily boost their capital and so far, I have helped my family and friends to invest their money in profitable businesses.

I want to become an exceptional Certified Financial Planner and economist and help minorities, small business owners, and the middle-income earners to manage their income more efficiently. I intend to use my BA in psychology alongside a degree in economics to help Americans to make better financial decisions. During my research, I realized that many wealth management advisers focus mostly on upper and middle-class populations while completely ignoring the poor and low-income earners. As a person who grew up in a low-income Hispanic home, I have seen Hispanic families with assets concentrated in real-estate. These families need to be advised on estate planning, asset diversification, and tax retirement and other financial issues. I believe that with enough skills, I can bring change to the glaring lack of strategic vision witnessed among the in the United States.

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