HEA 315 –“Wit” Discussion Guide

INSTRUCTIONS:  1) Watch “Wit” in its entirety. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0PPvYlGqL8

2) use your textbook (ch 4) to answer the relevant questions below and be sure to cite the pages of the text where you got the information.  Citations are required for full credit.

3) submit to Bb and bring a copy to class for discussion

  1. Create three discussion questions this movie raised for you about patient perspectives? (Use du Pre Chapter 4)
  • How did Dr. Bearing react to her illness diagnosis?
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of Dr. Kelekian’s communication delivery.
  • How do you feel informed consent with Professor Vivian Bearing for her clinical trial was handled by Professor Kelekian?  What communication model or skills does du Pre discuss related to patient perspective that could have been employed to improve this particular communication exchange?  Take your time and think about how to develop the answers for this question. (e.g. How would you develop the conversation? etc…)
  • How did Dr. Bearing’s illness impact her personal identity?
  • Pick three different situations in the movie where you feel the communication could be improved.  Use these to answer the following: 
    • Briefly describe what happened during the exchange and how it made both parties feel (from what you could observe). 
    • Using the skills discussed in this class and the lecture notes on Bb describe how you would instruct the providers on how to improve communication?
    • Pick one of the situations and write a script (using lecture notes and communication skills in du Pre’s text) to improve the communication skills in that scene.  Please cite the communication skills and be prepared to demonstrate your scene in class. 
  • Which is more important patient satisfaction or quality medical care?  Please take your time and think about this question.  What are the issues of satisfaction must we consider in answering this question?

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