Part 1 – Create your file and Import your data

  1. Start Excel creating a new Blank workbook using Excel 2016 or 2019
    • Save the file with the Name _Excel_Exam2
    • Files created in older versions of Excel may not earn full credit!
  2. Enter the appropriate Excel header and footer elements in the locations below. The only part you should type is your name. Header / Footer
  3. Left Click the link below to create your file.
    • A download link will appear after you click the link and your file has been created. By clicking Create My Data File the button below you agree to follow the guidelines for this assignment. files  – Click once
  4. Import the data file that you downloaded and add 2 rows
    • The file is a Comma Delimited file so be sure to select that option during the import.
    • Use the Load To option in the import wizard and load the data into cell A3.
    • Use the Convert to Range option, in Table Design tab, to convert the table to a range.
    • At this point your file should look something similar to this image with 417 rows of data and rows 1 & 2 are empty.
    • File Import
  5. Add 3 document properties via the Document Properties panel.
    • Author:
    • Title:  2 Spring 2021
    • Comments: location where you completed the  i.e Home System, Work Computer
  6. Save the file with the name _Excel_Exam2.xlsx

Part 2 – Layout, Format and Enter Formulas – Revenue Worksheet

Modify the worksheet to format and calculate the revenue with a discount.

Important – The formula for Sales Price (step 11) must use the correct cell reference type (refer to your Excel text page E2-93).

  1. Worksheet data entry, the following cells should contain information as follows:
    • cell G2 contains the text Markup.
    • cell G3 contains the text Order Total.
    • cell H2 contains the value 15% formatted as percent with 0 decimal places.
    • cell H3 contains the text Sale Price.
  2. Add the title your last name Revenue in cell A1. (e.g. Revenue).
  3. Change the title font size in cell A1 to 18 points.
  4. Calculate Order Total in column G for all 416 items. The Order Total is the Quantity times the Unit Price.
  5. Calculate Sales Price in column H for all 416 items. The Sales Price is the Order Total times (1 + Markup) + Quantity times Shipping.
    • Self check 1- Changing the value in cell H2 should cause all sales prices to increase. If it doesn’t then you did not use the correct cell reference type in your formula for Sales Price.
    • Be sure to set cell H2 back to 15% after checking.
    • Self check 2 – If your Sales Price formula for the first row is correct then you should be able to copy it to all the remaining rows in the worksheet and obtain the correct results.
  6. Merge and Center the title in cell A1 across only the data columns of the worksheet.
  7. Add like breaks between words in all column titles with 2 words by using a line break. Do not use wrap lines.
  8. Change all column widths to 20 to verify that the text still wraps correctly.
    • Set columns A, C, D, E, and F – width 10 (75 pixels)
    • Set columns B, G, and H – width 13 (96 pixels)
  9. Bold all column headings in row 3.
  10. Align all the column titles vertically at the top and horizontally centered.
  11. Theme make sure you are using the standard Office theme and set the background color of cell A1 to Green, Accent 6 Darker 25% and the text color to White.
  12. Change the background color of cells A3:H3 to Green, Accent 6 Lighter 60%. Formatted rows 1-3
  13. Rename the worksheet tab to Revenue.
  14. Change the tab color to Green, Accent 6, Lighter 60%.
  15. Freeze panes
    • Column A and Rows 1-3 should remain visible when you scroll either horizontally or vertically
  16. Enter formulas at the bottom of the Order Total and Sales Price columns to calculate the total all items each of those columns and bold the results in those cells.
  17. Enter the text Totals in column F next to the cell containing the formula you added in the previous step. Format the text as bold.
  18. Add the range name Revenue_Total for the Sales Price total cell at the bottom of the Sales Price column. The scope of the range name should be the workbook and not restricted to a worksheet. Check the scope using the Name Manager.
  19. Format as follows:
    • columns, Unit Price, Shipping – set as comma style
    • columns Order Total, Sales Price – set as comma style with 0 decimal places
    • column D – Short Date
    • cell H2 – Percent
  20. Change the worksheet view to the Normal view (if needed).
  21. Save the workbook before continuing.

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