Part 1:After you listen to the readings, here

Scroll down to “Philoctetes”, write a short description (100 words max.) of the way the lines of the play are read / performed and comment on how the performance helped you understand the scenes in a particular way. In your post, you must mention two (2) specific aspects of the performance (for example, the speed at which the lines were performed, how loud the actors’ voices were, the gender of the actors in relation to the gender of the characters in the play, or any other specific elements that struck you as interesting).
Part 2:Please watch this video in which Adrienne Rich discusses her process in writing poetry, especially in terms of the way she uses earlier texts, here:

You can read the poem to which she refers in the video, “A Long Conversation,”.

Then, write a post (max. 150 words) that discusses how Rich’s comments in the video might be used to understand her references to the Philoctetes story in “I can see myself years back in Sunion.”

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