Hi, I need help with essay on Would implementing groupware in our organization be more trouble than it would be worth. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!The complexity of data collection, reporting, and analysis can be averted by the effective implementation of Groupware. Although groupware is intended for individuals to access common data and to empower effective communication, there are certain troubles the implementation of groupware can cause.Groupware is supported by the modern computer network technology which includes email,electronic calendar, chat, electronic meeting systems, video conferencing, and web publishing (Nominal Group Technique). The initial challenge is associated with groupware designing because it is more complex than installing a single user system. Most of the organizations confront with problems related to a proper system design and acquisition. It is an area where entrepreneurs need to hire the assistance of some professionals and vendor experts. In addition, the groupware project manager should have up-to-date technical and professional knowledge because system development and implementation are the significant stages where specialized understanding is needed.Conflicts of interests and employee resistance usually occur when the new system is implemented in a conventional form of organization. For instance, as found in a case study, when two innovations were introduced simultaneously, peer review and groupware, individuals became skeptical of the systems (O’Connor 1999, p. 15). To deal with such situations, organization should make an assessment about the acceptability attitude of the managers, staff and other employees prior to the design and development of the project. Management should keep well designed strategies to educate members on the effective usage of the system for attaining common objectives. However, it is assumed that management will often confront with ‘issues of how to reward a given individual for team outcomes’ (O’Connor 1999, p. 16).Another challenge is

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