First Review PPT 10“Christianity”Assigned reading Mother Teresa: An Authorized Biography 

Discussion topic: What does it mean to “deepen in love” (cf .p .181 ff)?

and Review PPT 11“Mother Teresa”Continue reading Mother Teresa: An Authorized Biography

Consider the life and ministry of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and answer this question: Why does (or “Does”?) the world needsaints?
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10. Christianity REL 2211 Dr Eisener 1 For God so loved the world … 2 The Context: The Jewish Matrix • Covenant – Land – Divine Election • • • • • Circumcision Law (Torah) National/Ethnic Identity Understanding Suffering Messianic Hopes 3 The Foundational Experience: The Resurrection of Jesus • Sensible or Scandalous? • Natural Theology? – Paul in Athens: Acts 17.22 ff – Paul in Corinth: Acts 18.1 ff; I Corinthians 2.2 • Mark 16.8: an open-ended story • A very odd foundation for a religion…! 4 The Bible • Old and New Testaments • Originally in Hebrew and Greek • Formation of the Canon 5 The New Testament • • • • • • Four Gospels Acts of the Apostles Letters of Paul and Others General Epistles Pastoral Epistles Apocalypse 6 The Heart of Christian Faith: The Incarnation • The ancient creeds state it starkly: et homo factus est •

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