In the depths of the Great Depression, during the first week of Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency, more than 460,000 Americans wrote letters to him addressed to the White House. Your assignment is to write a letter to our CURRENT president. Feel free to choose and discuss any topic or offer any opinions or advice about certain issues and policies that you think the president should pursue or avoid to improve and protect the future of Americans, our nation, and the world.

  1. The text portion of this assignment should be at least 375 words long.
  2. Make sure you are following the assignment description and including a strong introduction and conclusion.
  3. Submissions must be DOUBLE-SPACED AND PROOFREAD.
  4. Please remember to use footnotes for all referenced or quoted material.
  5. Please include an image of some sort.
  6. You must consult at least two sources and they must be listed.
  7. Assignments that have too many typos and grammatical errors will lose points. 

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